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Company selling 2020 candle with hints of hand sanitizer, Tiger King

2020 candle
The company 'Flaming Crap' has designed a layered candle that pays an ode to the themes of 2020. (Photo: Flaming Crap via CNN Newsource)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — One company is taking some of the trademark scents of the year and putting them together in a candle.

The candle, created by a company called "Flaming Crap," has four different layers, each one a nod to a different part of 2020.

The scented layers include hand sanitizer, banana bread, woody musk and the smell of cheap aftershave.

Hand sanitizer: that one is pretty obvious. Banana bread: a nod to the baking period of quarantine. Woody musk: an appreciation for the popularity of DIY projects during lockdown. And last, but not least, cheap aftershave: a touch of Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix docuseries.

While the company says the smells don't complement each other, they say the mix of different scents is fitting for the year.

The candle can be purchased for around $20.