Maroa-Forsyth students work to grow school band

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Maroa-Forsyth students work to grow school band (WICS)

It took long hours and one special teacher to turn a group of high school musicians in Maroa, into a knock-out band.

The group has doubled its size in just four years.

"I’ve seen a lot of growth, not just in terms of number, but in terms of quality,” said Sarah Lidy, the Moroa-Forsyth High band teacher.

In the last year, the band has competed in multiple competitions.

They’ve placed in the top three multiple times.

That success has taken a lot of practice and countless rehearsals.

"When you actually get it down and you start playing really nice, you're impressed with yourself after you've worked so hard practicing every day for at least an hour," said Cameron Jones, a band member.

Not only has the band had a chance to compete, many members said they’re getting a lot more community support.

"Being a freshman, we didn't have the crowd really watch our marching band performances, but now this past year and this year they've started watching it and you can hear the audience clapping and it's just a great feeling that they're listening to us and they like what we're playing," said Reilly Fitzpatrick, a band member.

The band said they’ll continue the hard work and hope to continue this growing trend.