US Title Series boat racing returns to Lake Springfield

US Title Series is back in Springfield

A few years ago, flat boat racing did not exist on Lake Springfield.

"We raced here back in the 70s, through the 80s to the early 90s and then the lake filled in with silt so bad that they had to drain the lake. It got too shallow for us to race," president of the US Title Series Todd Brinkman said.

Now, these racers and the series are back on the water in Chatham.

Communications director Ray Rodda said, "The US Title Series is something we compare to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the kind of cars that they run. It's almost anything that you want to run, you can as long as you stay within the rules of how big the engines are."

This sport is more than just recreation; this is in their blood.

"Many years ago, my father raced. He quit racing in 1958. I raced go karts and cars for a lot of years. In about 2007, I decided I was going to get back into boat racing so here I am," racer David Tenney said.

Because of the multitude of family ties, this sport's community ends up becoming its own kind of family.

"One of our guys lose his mother this weekend. He wanted to come here because he knew he would get support. That tells you a whole lot about what the boat racing community is about," Rodda said.

Although they're close-knit, these racers welcome in anyone and everyone to join their family.

Brinkman said, "I think that once you see it and you see the fast boats in the bigger classes, it's hard not to get addicted."

The US Title Series National Championship will take place in DePue, Illinois from July 26th through July 29th.