Big Ten facing scheduling challenge of two football seasons in 2021

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Lovie Smith addresses the media following the Big Ten's decision to postpone the fall season.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCCU/WICS/WRSP) - After yesterday's announcement from the Big Ten that the fall sports season would be postponed, a lot of work awaits the University of Illinois football team in rescheduling the 2020 season.

While volleyball, women's soccer, and men's and women's cross country will also need to reschedule, no sport seems to have a more daunting task than football.

Major questions have arisen about senior eligibility, the NFL draft and combine, and recruiting concerns. The Big Ten will also need to find a way to balance playing two college football seasons in the same calendar year, an idea that will take a lot of work and planning to pull off in 2021.