Flying snakes? Here's how they can glide through the air

Flying snakes, Here's how they can glide through the air (CNN Newsource)..JPG
Flying snakes, Here's how they can glide through the air (CNN Newsource)

Mayhaps you've heard of the "Paradise Tree Snake"? It can fly! Or rather, it can glide, which some cowboys may call "falling with style".

It's a species which scientists have been aware of for some time now, but so far it isn't exactly clear how it pulls off such a fascinating trick.

So, researchers at Virginia Tech are conducting controlled tests with the snakes in an indoor environment.

They found that the snakes exhibit an "undulation" motion while gliding that stabilizes them and allows them to fly further. It was previously believed that the undulation was just a base motor pattern for the snakes since that's how they move on the ground as well.

Researchers are now wanting to learn how the snakes generate lift and how the snakes are able to turn in the air.

For those of you who aren't a fan of snakes and therefore probably less of a fan that some fly. keep these facts in mind:

  • Paradise Tree Snakes only live in South and Southeast Asia, so Americans aren't likely to find any in their backyards.
  • Though these snakes are venomous, their venom is weak
  • Paradise Tree Snakes, like almost all snakes, are considered harmless to humans

Information courtesy CNN NEWSOURCE / VIRGINIA TECH