Bruno, 25 pound cat, has found a new home

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Bruno, 25 pound cat, has found a new home (Photo: FB screenshot)

WASHINGTON (Circa) -- The cat who went viral for his adorable nature last week has been adopted.

After "looking through applications," Bruno has "picked" Lauren Paris as his new owner. Paris is a Chicago-based actress and singer, according to Vice.

In order to secure ownership of the cat, she sent in a video of herself singing an original song with lyrics such as "Bruno is the love of my life" and "give me that fat cat."

The cat was "accepting applications" after Wright-Way Rescue posted photos of Bruno on Facebook. The rescue shelter said Bruno was "too cool to be homeless" and was looking for potential adopters.

Pictures of Bruno went viral with over 25,000 shares on social media. Hundreds of people reportedly applied for the privilege of having Bruno as another member of their family.

WLS-TV reports cats of Bruno's breed usually weigh between 7-10 pounds which makes Bruno unique as he weighs 25 pounds.