11-year-old confronts home invader taking wine coolers and ribs

An 11-year-old in Michigan confronted a home invader taking alcohol and ribs. (WWMT/Franque Thompson)

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WWMT) — An 11-year-old confronted a home invader for stealing wine coolers and ribs from the fridge.

The brazen act happened just after midnight Wednesday at the home of Nathan Markos, 11, and Battle Creek Police have two men in custody.

Markos was sitting on the couch, watching TV, while his family was sleeping.

"And then I heard the fridge open and so I went to see what it was," he said.

It was a man helping himself to the refrigerator.

“I stood right here as I saw the guy holding the fridge open and he was taking the stuff out of it.” Markos said, “He looked at me and he asked if it was okay to take some drinks and I said ‘no.’ And so, he left out the back door and I went to tell my mom.”

Markos said the strange man walked away with a few wine coolers and a plate of ribs, but it wasn't the food he was worried about.

“I didn't know if he was going to hurt me or anything," he said.

Battle Creek police arrested two 19-year-olds walking down a road not far from the Markos home. One of them is Jeremy Hauber from Utah.

Battle Creek Police Lt. James Martens said, “That is a serious violation, when somebody comes into your house where you feel safe, I can see where that can shake someone up.”

Officers said both admitted they were drinking that night and now face charges for home invasion.

Martens said, “Regardless if you're stealing alcohol, ribs or anything else, when you go into an occupied home with the intent to take something, that's a felony and that's taken very seriously.”

During the investigation, police found out the two men had been staying at the Skywood Recovery Center for rehab, not far from the Markos home.

Martens said, “From what we gathered, it sounded like they were tired of staying there.”

The Markos family has no idea why the man stopped at their house, but they say they're now boosting security.

“We're starting to lock the doors more often.” Markos said, “I'm just glad they caught him.”