Ag Day Minute: Traveling to China, second dairy farm targeted

Ag Day Minute: U.S. Officials to Travel to China

We're learning more about the second round of China trade aid for farmers. U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue saying USDA will pay a minimum of 15-dollars per acre to farmers hurt by the U.S.-China trade war. Payments will be based on county rates. Signup will be in August. The second and third payments would be dependent on market conditions. More details are expected to be released later this week. As for talks with China, U.S. representatives are heading back to the country next week to further talks aimed at resolving the trade battle. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters at the White House that he's leaving Monday with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. He says they will spend Tuesday and Wednesday meeting with Chinese leaders in Shanghai.

An animal activist group has released another video targeting a dairy farm - this time in Texas. Animal Recovery Mission claims the video was taken at Natural Prairie Farms in Hartley, Texas. This is the same group that released videos on Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana. In this latest video, ARM claims there is maltreatment and excessive abuse of dairy cows. AgDay reached out to a well-known veterinarian...who says some things stated in the video are just not true. He was, however, concerned about how the farm moved down cows.

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