Ag Day Minute: No settlement, label changes to glyphosate

AgDay Minute 080919.jpg
AgDay Minute 080919.jpg

Rumors of a settlement in the Bayer Roundup glyphosate lawsuits are apparently a bit premature. Shares of Bayer surging on reports the company had offered to pay billions of dollars to settle claims in the U.S. related to Roundup. But the mediator in the cases told Reuters, "Bayer has not proposed paying $8 billion to settle all the U.S. Roundup cancer claims. Such a statement is pure fiction."

And the EPA is also taking steps when it comes to labeling glyphosate. Saying it will no longer approve product labels claiming glyphosate is known to cause cancer, saying it's a false claim that does not meet federal labeling requirements.

The latest on talks with China: The markets took a nosedive after the President raised the possibility that a meeting with China on trade might be canceled.

The two sides are currently scheduled to meet again in Washington in September.

Dozens of immigrant workers are back home after being detained in the largest immigration raid in a decade in the U.S.

The raids happened in six Mississippi small towns that have poultry plants. Officials say 680-people were arrested in Wednesday's raids. But immigration lawyers said about five busloads of people were released.

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