Ag Day Minute: MFP signup begins

Ag Day Minute: MFP signup begins

Grain markets were in the green Monday while the Washington Trade team continues negotiations in China.

US Trade Representatives resumed in-person talks with their Chinese counterparts.

Expectations are low for this round of discussions.

However, there's a hope Beijing will buy more U.S. farm products.

Jim Wiesemeyer says, "It would be very good news if the timeline of the talks go beyond 2 days. that means they are making progress. Twenty-five if it's limited to two days, well, at least they talked."

Farmers have the opportunity to sign-up for trade aid payments this week and the department says farmers have until August 1 to plant an approved cover crop on prevent plant acres in order for those acres to be eligible.

Sign-ups run through December and producers can expect a 50% payment in mid to late August.

The National Mall in Washington D.C. is transforming into a mini-farm!

The Farm Journal Foundation, with the help of USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, introduced a new exhibit called, "The Voice of the Farmer."

The goal is to raise awareness, educate and celebrate American Ag. Consumers may walk in the exhibit and actually touch the different crops... Farmers will be there to answer questions on Fridays.

Annie Dee says, "I hope when they stop by and visit with me, they have an idea of a farmer and who a farmer is and what a farmer does and it's not just corporate farm when they go to the store and they think it just came from the store.">

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