Fans luke-warm about R. Kelly's brief visit to Springfield's Dirty South

R. Kelly's brief visit to Springfield's Dirty South (WICS)

R. Kelly has been banned from nearly every venue across the globe.

But local fans we talked to paid $100 for a ticket to his weekend performance at Springfield's Dirty South.

"My mind is telling me no! But my body is telling me yeah!"

R. Kelly excited his fans at Dirty South Lounge in Springfield Saturday night.

Quentora Dumas was one of them, until he stopped singing after less than 30 seconds.

"I really think his camaraderie was very good to be able to socialize with the general population, but I don't understand why we paid $100 and we didn't hear him sing not one song," Dumas said.

Capacity at Dirty South is 450 people and the traffic inside the bar Saturday was nowhere near that.

At one point in the night, tickets reduced to $50.

A woman named Shy outside the bar told us she just couldn't do it.

The sex abuse charges against the singer were too much.

"It's wrong and I'm not for it, and I don't listen to his stuff no more I mean I used to love his s*** I mean everybody did but I'm not for it no more," Shy said.

However, it didn't phase others.

"It's all lies he didn't do that."

We clocked it. He spent a little over an hour at Dirty South.

The bar shut down at 3 a.m. to a sea of confused and unenthused fans.